Jocelyn Dohm Classical Choral Music Fund

Jocelyn Dohm, a life-long resident of Olympia, was active in myriad civil rights and social justice issues, and an active supporter of the arts and education. In her bequest, she wrote that her funds were to be used for “the support and benefit of classical choral music” in our local area. As the administrator of the endowment, the PARC Foundation is committed to honoring the full breadth and depth of Ms. Dohm’s choral music legacy.

In consultation with her friends and associates, and by the example of her life, we have come to recognize that “classical” to Ms. Dohm meant more than choral music from the composers of the period 1750 and 1820.  The PARC Foundation believes that she intended to further and support “choral art music.”

In honor of Ms. Dohm’s bequest, it is not the intention of this endowment to support jazz, Broadway, pop or ethnic musical genres. The purpose of this endowment is to perpetuate quality choral music throughout Thurston County, exclusively.



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